JYM alumni present to WSU Board of Governors

JYM alumni, Xinsheng Moss (right) and Charlie Collins (left) present to the WSU Board of Governors, January 26, 2023 

Two JYM alumni were invited to speak about their experience with the program to the Wayne State Board of Governors, at the January 26, 2023 meeting. 

Wayne State University’s Board of Governors is one of three university-governing bodies in Michigan — including the University of Michigan and Michigan State University — that has constitutional independence. Its members serve eight-year terms and are elected by voters throughout Michigan.

Dr. Ahmad Ezzeddine, Vice President for Academic Student Affairs and Global Engagement at Wayne State University introduced Charlie Collins, JYM 2019-20, and Xinsheng Moss, JYM 2021-22 to share the impact of their study abroad experience on their education. 

The agenda for the meeting may be accessed at the board’s website.

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