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About the Junior Year in Munich (JYM) Program

Sponsored by Wayne State University since 1953, JYM is America's oldest study abroad program in Germany. Students are enrolled at LMU Munich and have access to the full university curriculum in any major, except law and medicine.

With the advising support from our staff, students create their course own schedules from among university courses, JYM courses (German language and area studies electives), undergraduate research projects and internships. Our program offers academic year and one-semester program options and provides around $65,000 in program scholarships annually to students in need of financial assistance. While the LMU offers some courses in English, all instruction at the JYM Institute is in German.

Living in Munich

Students in the academic year program live alongside other university students in dormitories, either in the "Olympic Village" (Olydorf) in the beautiful Olympic Park, or "Student City" (Studentenstadt).

Both are near the English Garden (the largest urban park in Europe larger than New York's Central Park) and a short ride from the city center and the institute with public transportation.

Day and night, Munich is a safe, walkable and bikeable city with an excellent public transportation system. In 2021, Numbeo's Crime Index listed Munich as the 8th safest city in the world.

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