Updates from an active JYM Class of 2010-11

The JYM class of 2010-11 has been highly active in 2020-21 reconnecting with one another, sponsoring a fundraiser to support JYM, organizing a 10 -year reunion online, and an 11-year in-person reunion coming up in May 2022. Read on for news on the reunion, updates, and fundraising results

Fundraiser results: goal reached

As many alumni know, from May to November 2020, the JYM class of 2011 sponsored a fundraiser to benefit the Söder and Ferguson Next Generation Fund setting a high goal of 11,000 Euros. They asked not only members of their class to contribute but all JYM alumni. The reunion committee set up a Warrior Funder page where donations could be made and also designed JYM swag to sell via Bonfire.com, including t-shirts and coffee mugs, with all of the proceeds going directly to the Next Generation Fund. Here are the results of their fundraiser!

Warrior Funder brought in $ 3,741 – visit the donor wall here to see some of the generous donations: warriorfunder.wayne.edu/supportJYM.

The Bonfire campaign brought in another $ 2,472 with over 185 items sold and 11 additional donations! Anyone still interested in a hoodie, t-shirt, or coffee mug can still order! This portion of the fundraiser will be continued! Visit bonfire.com/junior-year-in-munich to donate.

Other donations to the Next Generation Fund directly via the JYM website totaled $ 1,356 and a grant for $ 5,000.

This brings the gifts to a grand total of $ 12,569 which exceeds the original goal! JYM is extremely grateful for all the JYM alumni generosity and especially the activism of this JYM class – JYM says “Ein dickes Dankeschön!”

10-year online class reunion, 11-year reunion in Munich, May 2022

JYM alumni on Zoom

Since they couldn’t be in person for their 10-year reunion due to the pandemic the class decided to celebrate their 11-year reunion in person. They are working on the plans for that reunion. In July they held a Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom with lots of chances to play games, mingle, re-connect and talk about the upcoming in-person reunion, May 6-8, 2022. The reunion planning committee has set up a website for registering for the event and regularly updated information: mpkingsland.wixsite.com/jym-reunion. So far 16 alumni (plus one baby) are committed to attending, another five are maybes.

JYM 2010-11 alumni updates and shared fotos

Gearing up for their reunion, the following members of the reunion organization committee have sent the following updates and favorite memories and photos of their JYM.

Dylan with classmates
Dylan, then, with classmates, Sarah (l.) and Morgan (r.).

Dylan Moore (JYM 2010-11) is the main organizer for the reunion and the fundraiser was his brainchild. He writes: “When I think of my Sommersemester in Munich, there isn't one particular day or adventure that immediately comes to mind, but rather the feeling that summer had. It's the feeling of riding your bike through the Englischer Garten - maybe alone, maybe with friends, or maybe even with someone riding on your handlebars. It's the feeling of the Studentenstadt – friends in every building somewhere, dinners at Tribühne, evenings at "Pots."

It's the crisp air and bright blue sky as we exit the U-Bahn and walk to our building, our JYM, our classrooms and club, a bit of American collegiate allure with a foosball table and bust of Goethe; Patrizia, Sommer, teachers, and H.P.; and the woman serving hot food and fresh salads across the street.

Riding through the Englischen Garten in style
Riding through the Englischen Garten in style!

When I think of that time so many happy moments come back to my memory: watching a Bayern Munich game, testing FKK, dancing in our dorm rooms, trying to learn German, the 5 am Kocherball at the Chinesischer Turm, running around Gärtnerplatz or Münchner Freiheit, strolling through the Hofgarten or the Neue Pinakothek, floating down the (freezing!) Eisbach or daring to swim in the swift, cold Isar.

Dylan with his now wife
Dylan, now, with his wife!

We had many other adventures visiting Neuschwanstein, visiting Berlin, "Servus Köln!" and crashing dance parties. It was a happiest of summers, and I'm so glad I spent it with JYM and all the friends I made there!

Since our time in Munich, I've lived in D.C. and then in Seattle.Now I live in Berlin with my wife and work there as an attorney at law. We can't wait to see you next May 7th in Munich for our t(elev)en year reunion!”

Sarah Finder (JYM 2010-11)

Sarah Finder
Sarah Finder in 2011 (left) and 2021 (right).

“When thinking back on our study abroad experience, I have so many great memories! My motivation to participate in the JYM study abroad program was simple: I wanted to experience a new country and life in a second language. Yet, I had no idea about what lay ahead of me when I boarded the plane in early 2011. Little did I know, but my semester in Munich would change the trajectory of my life in some pretty big ways!

JYM class of 2011 chilling on the banks of the Isar!

Upon meeting the other students in our class, I immediately felt a sense of community. When I think back to our cohort, I am in awe at the sense of adventure, motivation, and openness that we shared as young students. From one of the first warm weekends of spring spent on the Isar to our Abschiedsfest, there was truly never a dull moment!

One of my favorite memories was a JYM team relay run we did as part of the competition Teamstaffel München. Due to my limited German knowledge and limited experience running races in Germany, I wasn't sure how many kilometers we each would need to run. I didn't understand fully until shortly before the relay that we each would be running 5km instead of a combined 5km (which is what I originally thought)! Needless to say, we raced one by one on "Team Finder" to the finish! We got Wurstsemmel and Weißbier as a reward for our efforts and rode the U-Bahn tired yet content back to Studentenstadt.

Team completes relay run
Team Finder successfully completes the relay run for the Teamstaffel München competition in Sommersemester 2011.

There are countless more memories that I hold dearly from our semester abroad! I was fascinated by the country and the culture, and one semester in Munich was just too short for me.

Students walking at FC Bayern game
JYMers off to a FC Bayern game at the Allianz Arena in fanwear.​​​​​

So, I moved back to Bavaria in the fall of 2013 and have been here ever since! I completed a master's degree at the Technical University of Munich and work in the renewable energy sector in Munich. My husband and I live outside of Nürnberg, and we enjoy hiking in the local mountains and swimming in the nearby lakes with our pup. Over the years, I have continued to run races in Munich, but I have never again found a team to compete with me in the Teamstaffel München! We truly have a special cohort, and I am looking forward to the reunion next May!”

Jessica Brock
Jessica Bock in 2011 and now! (right).


Jessica Bock (JYM 2010-11)

“There were so many pictures that captured the laughter and friendship that made JYM an experience I’ll never forget. From the adventures of our first U-Bahn experience on our way to Studentenstadt to traversing across the country for soccer games and Wanderungen, they each put a smile back on my face.

Living in Studentenstadt really transported us right into the middle of the German student experience. One of my favorites was a music, theatre, and cultural festival called StuStaCulum.

As JYMers we were able to volunteer and if I remember correctly I spent most of my shift attempting to perfect my bartending skills. However, the highlight of the day came a bit later when we opened up the window of a fellow JYMers apartment who lived on the ground floor and created our own bar for the festival guests. Never a dull moment to be found!”

Group of students at StuStaCulum
Group of JYMers at the famous StuStaCulum, Europes larges student festival!

These days I am living in Monterrey, Mexico with my husband and our two cats. Currently attempting to learn Spanish and find some friends to play soccer with. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2022 reunion!”





Marcus Dorstel (JYM 2010-11)

“A big group of JYMers descended on the little town of Mittenwald with the goal of climbing the Bayerische Alpen in front of us.

Marcus DorstelI remember this trip fondly because it was one of the first group outings that we did, so everyone was still getting to know each other and still figuring out that this was an AWESOME group of people.

We got off the train in Mittenwald, crossed over the icy blue Isar, and started up the mountain, refreshments in hand. Along the way, there were some thrills and spills (Servus, Danyel!), but we finally made it up to the snowpack. After a bit of "sledding", we made our way back down the mountain and found a place to eat schnitzel and drink Bayerisches Bier. An epic day, and the beginning of so many more adventures. 

Students enjoying schnitzel.
Enjoying schnitzel near Mittenwald after a group hike.

These days I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and dog, still enjoying hikes, beers, and good food. Hoping to see you all in May 2022 for our reunion!”

Note: Marcus and his wife just welcomed their newborn baby boy to the world in October 2021 – JYM says a big congratulations!

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