Over the years, the Junior Year in Munich Program has arranged internships in a wide variety of interest areas, such as marketing, publishing, education, automotive industry, ecology and the environment, health care, e-commerce, government, foreign service, international trade, economic development and urban planning.

Application process

JYM draws upon its many connections in Munich to help students find internships and to learn how to articulate in job and graduate school applications the different competencies, including intercultural competence, that they gain through their internships.

When thinking about applying for internships students should keep in mind the following:

  • The most successful internship applicants are responsible (meeting deadlines for turning in application materials, for example), flexible, open to new experiences, motivated and committed to participating in an internship; willing to make time for the internship in their schedule, persistent.

  • Most JYM internships are unpaid. Students may apply for stipends for unpaid internships, but these are not guaranteed.

  • Students are competing with other university students in Munich for internships and must go through an interview process. Regardless of our best efforts, internships cannot be guaranteed, nor can we guarantee internships in your exact field of interest.

When applying to study abroad, you should indicate on the application that you're interested in an internship. Based on this information, we'll work to identify an internship that matches your interest. JYM will also work with you upon arrival in Germany to help you find internships.

Credit for internships

Students earn credit for academic work associated with the internship – not for the internship experience alone. In order to receive credit for an internship, you must first sign up for and participate in JYG 5890 Overseas Internship (three credits), and you must submit an internship portfolio to the instructor by the end of the semester in which the internship occurred. You may do so only if this has been approved by your home school advisor as indicated on their admissions application form or if you provide the academic director with documentation that this has been approved by your home school advisor.


Is it possible to have an internship, but not for credit?

Of course! Not everything in life is measured by how many credits you can get for it. Having an internship in Germany can be an incredible experience in its own right and will certainly stand out on your résumé. Keep in mind, however, that not taking the internship course for credit means taking another JYM or LMU course for credit that is not related to the internship. Many students find that this combination requires too much of their time.

Junior Year in Munich internships