One Semester Program

JYM's One Semester Program begins with an on-site orientation followed by enrollment at LMU Munich for the second semester (called the Sommersemester in German) which runs from April through July.

Because the first semester at LMU Munich runs from October through early February, it is normally not practical to enroll for the first semester only, although some students have done so (and then decided to stay for the year). Due to the LMU Munich academic calendar, the second-semester option fits best within the academic year calendar of most colleges and universities in the U.S.

Students are expected to complete the entire semester program (which includes the entire German university semester). We do not offer a truncated first-semester option that ends in December or January.

You can design your own program of study with a combination of LMU Munich courses, JYM German language and area studies courses, an undergraduate research project, or perhaps even an internship.

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Beyond the books, there's plenty to explore and enjoy under the famous Bavarian blue skies of summer: sidewalk cafes, the English Garden, mountain lakes and hiking trails, many museums and lots of festivals, including StuStaCulum (a four-day, open-air music and theater festival at the Studentenstadt)!