Academic Year Program

JYM's Academic Year Program begins with an on-site orientation in late September, followed by enrollment at LMU Munich where the first semester begins in mid-October. There's a two-month break between semesters, followed by the second semester at LMU Munich where classes begin in mid-April.

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A year abroad offers you more time to adjust to your new surroundings and strengthen your German, more time to explore academic options as your German improves, discover how to get involved in Munich, travel, spend time with new friends and share unique experiences together!

"If you really want to know Germany, live it and breathe it for a year."

You can design your own program of study with a combination of LMU Munich courses, JYM German language and area studies courses, an undergraduate research project or even an internship. Some students use the first semester to begin research on a wide range of topics (and many were used successfully after JYM as a foundation for post-graduation fellowships), while others have used the first semester to focus on strengthening their German language skills as preparation for an internship between semesters or during the second semester.

Some JYM program features are only available to full-year students as they take place during the first semester and between semesters. These include Oktoberfest and Auer Dult in fall, Christkindl markets at Christmas time or Fasching in early March. Learn more about opportunities during semester break in Munich.

More for less

Many of our scholarship funds are reserved for students in the academic year program as they were created by alumni who know the value of year-long study abroad. For full-year students, awards generally range from $2,000 to $4,000.

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