Students reporting of emergencies, issues of concern or misconduct

We hope your time in Munich will be full of good times that will lead to good memories, and the Detroit and Munich staff members will do all we can to make sure that this is the case. Sometimes, however, students run into difficulties and want to know whom they can turn to for assistance. These resources will show you where to go if you have a problem or complaint and what the next steps are if a complaint is not resolved at any given level.


If you're involved in or witness an incident that involves a non-JYMer, or if you're involved in or witness an incident that requires immediate intervention, call the police.

⚠️ The emergency number for the police in Germany is 110.

⚠️ The emergency number for police, fire or medical assistance throughout the EU is 112 (free call from any cell phone).

The nearest Munich police department can be found online at Here you can also find the nearest Dienststelle oder Polizeiinspektion.

Non-emergencies, first stop: Staff in Munich

Aside from emergencies, the staff in Munich is the first stop for any JYMer who has experienced or witnessed a crime or misconduct, who needs mental health or medical support or who has any other issues of concern. They have the knowledge and contact information to get you the support you need most quickly.

Note that the Munich staff is required to file an incident report with the Detroit office in case of the following: acute physical or mental illness, overnight hospitalization, drug or alcohol abuse, arrest, crime directed towards student, missing student, sexual or physical assault, rape, natural disaster, terrorism or civil unrest.

Second stop: JYM office in Detroit

If you find that the Munich staff is not able to support you or meet your needs, the second stop should be our Detroit office.

Third stop: Study abroad office in Detroit

To alert the study abroad office of any incidents of concern and/or incidents that you do not feel are being adequately addressed by the staff in Munich or Detroit, please file JYM Incident Report, which will go to Program Director, Dr. Lisabeth Hock, WSU Director of Study Abroad and Global Programs, Dr. Kelli Dixon, and WSU Associate Director of Study Abroad and Global Programs, Margaret Ogg.

Make a JYM Incident Report

Sexual misconduct

Among other forms of academic misconduct, Section 4.18 of the SCC prohibits “any form of sexual misconduct” and outlines policies prohibiting sexual assault, 01-5 Sexual Assault, and sexual harassment, 3.0.4 Sexual Harassment.

If you become aware of an incident of sexual misconduct involving JYMers, you may report it to the Munich or Detroit Staff. If you believe that you are the victim of sexual misconduct by another JYMer, you can file a student complaint form or contact Student Conduct Officer Nikolina Dmitruchina, Please note that the effective processing of a sexual misconduct charge typically requires the cooperation of the complainant.

File a Title IX Report

Students studying abroad often ask questions about Title IX as a way of addressing sexual misconduct that takes place outside of the U.S.  Unfortunately, Title IX is not available. That is because, under current federal regulations, the law does not apply to sexual misconduct that occurs outside of the United States. Yet, while Title IX is not available to resolve claims of sexual misconduct in Germany, the WSU Title IX office does offer resources to support individuals affected by sexual misconduct. For this reason, if you report the incident to a Munich or Detroit staff member, they report it to the WSU Title IX coordinator.

You may also contact the Title IX coordinator directly. She can assist with directing you to the appropriate resources to address your concern, provide support and counsel you about what to expect should you move forward with a complaint through the code of conduct process. More information about the Title IX Office, including the coordinator’s phone number and email address and a reporting form, can be found at

Additional resources

File an incident report

Because JYM students are enrolled at Wayne State University for the time they are in the program, the WSU Student Code of Conduct (SCC) applies to all participants. The code of conduct expresses the standards of conduct that the university expects from students, it covers both academic and non-academic behavior and requires students to comply with WSU policies.

To report any incident of misconduct that involves JYMers, you may go to the Munich or Detroit staff, file a Wayne State University student complaint form or contact the Student Conduct Officer Nikolina Dmitruchina,

If a formal non-academic misconduct charge is filed, Wayne State will inform the involved students and conduct an investigation. Disciplinary action will be determined by the results of the process.