Living in Munich

The JYM Institute is centrally located in the city center, not far from the Kunst-Areal (museum district) and many university buildings. Six of Munich's world-renowned museums are just a few minutes walk from the institute!

The institute is located in a historic turn-of-the-century building and includes an extensive library collection, study area, and lounge, classrooms, computers, and wifi. Throughout the year, our institute is used for JYM course instruction, guest speakers and special events, personal and educational support, or simply as a place to sit back and relax.

Making connections

There are plenty of opportunities to make connections in Munich:

  • Participate in the pre-semester language course and get to know other international students from around the group
  • Sign up to be a language partner with a German and alternate speaking German and English with one another
  • Spend time in the common areas in your dorm
  • Join a student group or club

JYM can connect you to activities that match your interests. Recent students have participated in university orchestras and cathedral choirs, worked on theatre set construction, taught at an English language camp for German-speaking children and volunteered at local schools and charities. But if you'd just rather do some extreme sitting in the English Garden and watch everyone else get tired, that's fine too!

Part-time work

Getting a part-time job is another way to get connected and involved in Munich. As a JYM student matriculated at LMU Munich, you're allowed to get a part-time job while in Munich. However, there are restrictions as to the amount of work can do before you have to apply for a work permit.

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JYM hosts organized events such as festivals and parties. Students are rumored to follow the tradition of the young 18th-century poet and university student, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, who recognized the value of setting aside his books now and then to go out among the people. Had Lessing been a JYM student, he would have arrived just in time for Oktoberfest! Where to go? is a great place to start.


Name your favorite sport and chances are you can do it while on your junior year in Munich. Soccer? Alpine Skiing? Hiking? How about blade-night or surfing the Eisbach?

Whether you like to swim, ice-skate, ride horses or just ride around on a bike you can do it in Munich. Because you're enrolled at LMU Munich, you can take sports and fitness courses through the Munich University Sports Center (ZHS).

JYM students have participated in Munich's football and basketball teams, the city marathon and triathlon, an international baseball team, ballroom dancing, judo competition and more.

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Fussball team

Getting around Munich

Munich has a fantastic public transportation system that includes subways, trams and buses (MVV maps). In fact, the subway stop at JYM (Königsplatz) resembles a museum!At each of our pre-semester orientation sessions, JYM staff will provide information about transportation passes. 

Munich is a very bike-friendly city and most students buy a second-hand bike while they are in Germany (as they've done for decades). On the other hand, you can do it the old-fashioned way and walk. Munich is one of those cities where you can walk forever and always find yourself surrounded by something beautiful.